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If you have a teenage daughter, you know that the adolescent years can be fun and stressful at the same time. One of the biggest events in a teenage girl’s life is prom. If your daughter is planning on going to prom, check out these five tips to help make it a memorable and fun experience for her.

Get Involved

Even if you and your daughter seem to argue more than you used to, you both still love each other, and preparing for prom together can be a great bonding experience. When she’s deciding on a hairdo, and looking at formal dresses for prom, though, don’t micromanage. As long as you think it’s appropriate, you can give her your opinion, but make sure to support her final decision.

Plan Ahead

When planning for a formal event, teenagers can be at somewhat of a loss. Don’t do everything for her, but remind her of things she may not think of to help her avoid embarrassment. For example, her date needs to know what color dress she’ll be wearing so he can coordinate, and dining and transportation must also be decided ahead of time.

Get a Group Together

By getting a group of couples to eat and arrive to the prom together, your teen will feel more comfortable, especially if she’s not in a relationship with the boy she’s going with. It will also be more affordable to rent a limo for transportation.

Arrange a Nice Dinner

You don’t have to chaperone it if it will embarrass your daughter, but try to agree on a place that you know will have responsible adults there, then have your teen picked up from there to be taken straight to the prom. Some teens think it’s a good idea to drink before prom, but your daughter would regret it afterward.

Plan for After Prom

Even if you trust your daughter, it’s better to plan to have a fun, supervised night and next day planned. This will also make the experience more memorable. If it’s possible, a night at an indoor water park with her friends would probably go over well.

Prom is something that you don’t want your daughter to miss, and you also want to make sure it’s a memorable night. By helping her in the planning process, you can make sure she’s prepared and will make smart decisions.

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