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Moving from a mild climate to one with the familiar four defined seasons offers some challenges you probably aren’t aware even exist. A few extra actions to maintain your home and health will ensure you continue to enjoy your new home and climate.

Take the Heat

Summer won’t surprise most people who move from mild climates. Sunshine, long hours of daylight, and warm temperatures make participating in outdoor activities enjoyable and easy. Mosquitoes and black flies are easily controlled with several effective products on the market. Grass is green, skies are blue, and people generally happy. It’s the best time to evaluate the condition of your home, and make any necessary repairs or complete remodeling projects.

Falling for Fall

Autumn with its changing colors and crisp, clean air creates vibrancy in the air that isn’t comparable to any other season. Days are still warm, but nights turn colder, making you burrow under the covers for deep sleep that refreshes the soul. This is the season that’s perfect for outdoor paint jobs, repairs to outside structures, or any job that spring rains and hot summer sunshine makes difficult.

Wonderful Winter

Although you’ll have days that resemble glistening snowy hills depicted on Christmas cards, winter in temperate climates aren’t always so picturesque. Even days of bright sunshine can be deceiving, as temperatures can vary even going into the sub-zero category! Caulking windows, using window insulating film, and weather stripping doors will keep out the cold winds. Keeping the driveways and walks clear of snow can be a challenge. A snow shovel and snow blower will keep the hardy fit, or for those who prefer hiring it done, snow plowing services are easily contracted as well.

Sly Spring

Spring abounds with rejuvenation. It is a glorious season with milder temperatures and days that bring longer periods of bright sunshine. Windows open, and people are ready to shrug off the winter blues. As your mood lightens, so do the jackets that take the place of heavy winter coats. April showers do bring May flowers, and plenty of green grass. Grass seems to grow an inch a day so manicuring a lawn may have to occur two or more times a week. Be wary of mold and winter damage to the exterior of your home. Mold and algae can take root in spring’s mild temps and become the source of more difficult repairs when summer’s heat contributes to its rapid growth. Products, such as Simply Gone will take care of those problems before more complications can occur.

Changing seasons create unique changes in your home’s environment. Thawing and freezing, snow melt, rain, and periods of drought cause upheavals in the landscape. Climate condition changes may cause cracks and splits in cement driveways, brick walkways, foundations, or wood decks as the structures shrink and expand in the fluctuating temperatures. Keep track of all the changes the temperatures bring to your house and decide how to best keep track of them, to keep your home in good repair year round.

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