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Beautiful memories experienced between a father and a son are built to last. However, in order to have these memories, the moments need to be created. What are six rite of passage moments to share with your son?

First Day of School

Little boys spend plenty of time playing ball and board games at home with their dads, and then the time comes when they have to go to school. Deciding to buy him a special present will always remind him of his first day. Walk him to the bus stop and be the first one to greet him when he comes back home.

First Date

As your son grows older, he will eventually go on his first date. While you don’t want to hover over too much, take him out for lunch or to shoot some hoops. You might want to tell him about how to treat a lady or the first time that you took his mother out to your favorite restaurant or movie theater. You can even help him to look extra spiffy for this outing. You could get him a new razor, or you can pick out an outfit together with your son at the local mall. In conjunction with his first date, you’ll also be helping him with his first shave or with tying his first tie.

High School Graduation

Now that your son is an adult, the two of you are going to start to have a different type of relationship. You might worry that the bond you have will dissolve, but it can absolutely get better. Instead of just being a father and a son, the two of you can start to become friends. You’ll see that he is becoming a man, and he’ll see that you’re the man he wants to be.

First Beer

For many fathers and sons, this is a huge rite of passage. When your son turns 21, take him out to your favorite pub to watch the baseball game and to have a couple of beers together. While you don’t need to have a wild party, this is certainly a rite of passage for a boy.

His Wedding Day

While the brides tend to get most of the attention on their wedding day, make sure you let your son know how proud of him you are too. As you sit and watch him recite vows to his bride, be proud of the man he has become.

When He Becomes a Father

This day will bring so much joy to your heart as you’ll see your son take on a role that you always had. Now, you get to be the grandfather and are able to act as a supportive and friendly ear when your son has questions about raising his own precious little one.

These rite of passage moments are absolutely beautiful, and you want to be sure you cherish them for a lifetime. There are only so many firsts, your child will always appreciate your insight and thoughts with their decisions and you can take pride in the child you have raised and how they choose to handle situations.

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