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Heroes, every now and then I get requests for product reviews. Which is really a fun experience, because usually the product is pretty outstanding, and the Sweet Slumber Pillow by Reverie definitely fits that description.

This pillow is composed of shredded natural latex (note to those with latex allergies: this is not the product for you), which makes it hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. This for me is an amazing thing, because I’m allergic to dust mites. Oh, the sneezing!

The 100% cotton cover is removable and washable, which also helps with my allergies, yay. And. This pillow feels like it’s stuffed with feathers.

No kidding!

You know how squishy and wonderful a feather pillow is, right? This one feels just like that. I am also allergic to feathers, so I haven’t been able to enjoy a feather pillow since the allergy was diagnosed when I was 12. The Sweet Slumber is very huggable.

I’ve been enjoying the pillow on my sofa. It makes for great snuggling while watching reruns of great TV series on Netflix. I can’t use it for overnights because I need a cervical pillow to support my neck. (What can I say? My spine is a bit diva-ish.)

When we first got the pillow, it did smell of latex, but after a few days the smell went away. Now it’s just….pillow smelling. If you love the feel of a feather pillow but want something that’s less allergenic, this pillow may be just the ticket. As parents, we need to get enough rest so we can do our job well.

I also had Captain Earthquake try out the pillow, and he gave it a definite thumbs up. His only quibble was that it’s a little too full for him, and he liked his flatter pillow better. I bet when his frame is bigger he’d enjoy this one more. Not that I’m planning to give it back to him.

The Sweet Slumber Pillow retails for $89.00 and it comes in standard and queen sizes.

FTC Disclosure: I was given a free pillow in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.