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Turning the age it is finally legal to drive is an amazing feeling for any teen. When purchasing a car as a parent of that teen, there are a couple things that should be considered to find that perfect car. With a few simple tips, car shopping can be a great experience for both teen and parent. 

Make Your Teen Pass Driving School First

Learning how to properly operate a motor vehicle is imperative to be safe on the roadways. Teens should have some type of driver’s education class such as North Shore Driving School Ltd., or North Vancouver Driving School before owning their own vehicle. These types of driver’s education programs ensure teens not only know how to safely operate their vehicle, but also know the basic laws of traffic. 

Consider Safety First

Every teen wants that sporty, “cool” car, but that car is not necessarily the most safe. Safety features to look for when buying a car include anti-lock brakes, at least six airbags (the more airbags in a vehicle the better), and stability control. Cars that score four stars or more on government crash tests are also good to look for. 

Always Test Drive The Car Before Buying

Taking a test drive allows parents and teens to learn the feel of the car. A test drive should include paces of driving that will regularly be used such as both city and highway driving and curvy roads. Allowing your teen to test drive the car will give you a good idea of whether the car will be a good, safe fit for your teen.

Check The Quality Of Used Cars

Buying a used car is not a bad thing, however, the quality of the car should be thoroughly inspected before making a purchase. Buying a used car from a private owner is a bit riskier than buying a used car from a dealership. A private owner can more easily keep important details about the car hidden. No matter whether a used car is bought from a private individual or a dealership, quality of parts of the vehicle such as the engine, transmission and tires should be checked before purchase.

Look Into Cars That Include Teen Features

In today’s day in technology, there are now vehicles that have teen features. These features include notifying the vehicle’s owner if the vehicle drives outside of a set boundary, or if the vehicle is driven after certain hours of the day. Features like this are geared toward keeping teens safe on the roadways.

Bonus tip: get good insurance. It’s super expensive at first, but making sure that your child and vechicle are covered in case of an incident can contribute to peace of mind and help you manage financially in case of an accident.

When purchasing a car for a new driver, parents should always keep safety in mind. With a few easy tips, finding your teen’s dream car can become reality.

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