Enough Is Enough: Five Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Plumbing

The utilities tucked behind the walls of a home are out of sight. Unfortunately, they are also out of mind, which causes a problem when they are not preforming properly. Paying attention to these five signs gives you a heads up on any potential plumbing issues you may have.

Higher Bills

A water bill that jumps to a higher amount and remains that way may mean more than just a hike in the water prices. A leak can account for hundreds of gallons of water flowing away unused. Watch your bills for consistency to ensure that a hidden leak does not drain your bank account of money.

Mold and Mildew

Most plumbing problems are an annoyance, and at worst, a hit on your finances to repair. A mold and mildew problem affects everyone’s health, and may even lead to death. A leaky pipe provides the perfect amount of moisture for mold and mildew. Since water can travel far from the original leak, the water pipes need not be nearby to be the source of the problem. The mold and mildew will never go away as long as your plumbing needs repair.

Slow Drains

Slow draining pipes are frustrating if you are waiting for the kitchen sink or bath to empty. Various DIY products promise they will fix the problem, but these do not always work with more major issues. A professional plumbing service company such as Bedell Full Service Plumbing quickly cleans up any drains and gets your water moving again.

Low Pressure

A temporary low water pressure problem might be caused in a variety of ways. One lasting several days is often just lived through, albeit with complaints. However, if it continues to last, or returns on a regular basis, you may have a problem that needs repairs. Your plumber can track down the source of the problem and provide a fix.

Banging Pipes

Rattling and banging pipes are not dangerous, but they are among the most annoying home problems. The walls amplify the noise and sends it across all the rooms, creating distractions and headaches for everyone. A water hammer arresting device installed by your plumber removes the problem and provides a peacefully home again.

Calling a plumbing company makes sense when you see signs that something is wrong with your water supply. Companies providing professional plumbing in Indianapolis are easily found on the Internet and in the Yellow Pages.

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5 Responses to “Enough Is Enough: Five Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Plumbing”

  1. LNweaver says:

    I can see how slow moving drains are a sign of a plumbing issue. That might mean your drain is clogging. It’s useful to hire a plumber here because they have powerful and specific tools (like snakes) that will quickly clear your drain.

  2. Joy says:

    Your energy bill is a great way to detect plumbing problems. If you don’t use a lot of water, but have a staggering water bill, there is a leak somewhere. Check all of your faucets, inside and outside and see if the leak is there.

  3. plumber says:

    Good observation. You might also need find the right plumber to repair the house problems.

  4. Hiring a professional plumber will not only help you to repair your systems but also enable you to gain some knowledge that you will apply to make the same system efficient. 

  5. Roy Terry says:

    Great article. Just serviced a house and the homeowner found the leak by walking around their yard outside. Found a very soft wet/muddy spot (hasn’t rained in a couple weeks) can be a dead give away!

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