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Water bills can get quite pricey, but it’s vital to know that a significant portion of the bill can be eliminated rather easily. Shorter showers, only using the dishwasher when it’s full, and not leaving the water running when cleaning food are simple methods to cut down costs. Have a look at five clever ways your family can lower the water bill.

Get a Water Conserving Shower Head

What’s great about getting a low-flow shower head is that you can cut down the amount of water you use while showering by 50%. Some products lessen water use by more than two gallons each minute. If you shorten your bathing time, you can save even more. That means your family can save thousands of gallons of water throughout the year, and possibly chop off $10 per month on the bill.

Insulate Water Pipes

This enables you to get hot water faster and thus not have to waste water while you wait for the pipes to heat up. Professional services and expert contractors can help insulate your water pipes so you can maximum heating efficiency and save on your water bill.

Get an Adjustable Toilet Flush Valve

With one of these handy products, you can personally decide the quantity of water to be used each flush. This can save as much as two and a half gallons each time you use your toilet. That adds up to a lot of savings over the course of time.

Handle All Leaks

Check the faucets and pipes yourself or have a professional check to see if there are any leaks in the house. A toilet leak or sink faucet leak can waste over 15 gallons of water in a day. That can greatly raise the cost of water in your home. Do an inspection. If any leaks are discovered, Green Bay Plumbers and other expert mechanics can solve the problem.

Limit Outdoor Watering

Only watering your plants and grass at night maximizes the use of the water because the water won’t evaporate. Buy flora and fauna that does not require a lot of water. Use a broom to clear the driveway.

In addition to these techniques, discipline is important to saving money on your water bill. You and your family can save even more money by taking extra care to not waste water when you rinse dishes, wash hands, or brush teeth. Saving a little bit of water each time you use it can add up over the course of a month, year, and lifetime.

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