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Unfortunately, many teenagers around the country are facing problems with drug and alcohol addictions. Whether they became hooked on a drug after just a couple of tries or have spent much of their youth partying, just know there is always something you can do to help teenage addiction. These are some signs you can look for to help determine if your teenager is in trouble.

Returning Home Drunk or High

Some parents chalk this type of behavior up to normal growing experiences. They think their youngsters are “just experimenting” and that they will grow out of these poor habits. However, your teenager coming home drunk or high is a serious problem, and such an event could be indicative of a lifestyle that your child has decided to pursue. All of these cases need to be handled with care, and you must speak to your teenagers about how serious their behavior is. Failure to do so could lead them down a road of destruction.

Sexual Promiscuity

Abuse of and addiction to drugs and alcohol can lead your teenagers to become sexually promiscuous. Keeping an open dialogue with them about appropriate and inappropriate sexual behaviors is important. Additionally, you should always be aware of where they are, especially if they claim to be sleeping at a friend’s house. Drug and alcohol rehab can help to treat all of the issues your teenager is having. For example, these centers are often separated by gender. Young males can get help at a men’s rehab center, and young ladies can seek assistance at a young women’s center. This helps in handling their drug, alcohol and promiscuity problems.

Doing Poorly in School

Certainly, a number of students do struggle with their schoolwork whether or not they are abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Therefore, you really need to keep your eyes open for changes. If your teenager was receiving all As in class and was on track to become the class valedictorian and is now failing every test and cutting class on a regular basis, external factors may be at work. Your teenager does not necessarily have to be abusing drugs or alcohol, but these elements can be a possible cause.

Disengagement from Social Activities

Most teenagers like to spend a lot of time with their friends. Even if your teenager has a small social circle or prefers independent activities, he or she likely has some interests be they going for runs each evening after school or singing in the church choir on Sundays. Be alert to disengagement from these beloved activities. Drug and/or alcohol abuse can make your teenager become withdrawn and want to avoid participating in any activities at all.

Sudden Changes in Mood or Temperament

Parents sometimes do not pay as much attention as they should when it comes to the moods of their teenagers. They know that their teenagers are experiencing a lot of changes in their lives, and they may even think that the mood shifts are hormonal. However, you do know your child, and this knowledge can help you to distinguish what is really going on. Drugs or alcohol could be at work when your teenager just isn’t acting like him or herself.

Drugs and alcohol cause serious problems, and even fatal issues, for teenagers and their families. These are some of the signs that you can be on the lookout for now.

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