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When you reach your 40’s, you may see and realize that there have been dramatic changes between you and your children, especially your sons. A close yet complex father-son relationship is, sometimes, severed when the son is already at his late teens.

Some boys need to explore and feed their curiosity and prove themselves as young men trying out some male things without their fathers. However, if you, as a father, have instilled in your son’s heart and mind the importance of your bond and taught him how to preserve that relationship, you will definitely enjoy each other’s antics and tales even when you got older.

In some cases, male tendencies became barriers for both father and son. Those limit their ability to communicate, to connect and to develop a stronger relationship. As a father, it is important to know your son very well and become a respectable role model worth emulating. It is important that you are there to support him on his interests, plans and ambitions. Always keep that bond working and don’t forget that there are a lot of ways and things that allow you to hit it off and spend quality time together.

Here are few exciting activities or adventures you might like to try to help you to develop a closer and stronger bond with your son(s).

It is always good to travel with your children. But with your son, I believe it would be more exciting. Visiting new places that would allow you to bond is definitely memorable. Take a train. Ride a ferry. Fly to another city. See many places. Meet new people. And most of all, learn from each other. There are many fascinating sights that could boost your relationship, spots brimming with learning experiences waiting for the both of you. Traveling is fun, enriching and absolutely life-changing. Your travels to many places make for a wonderful memories you two will forever cherish.

Fixing the House
This could be situational, but if it would be possible, invite him to work with you on the roof or in any part of the house. This will also teach him what to do when it’s his time to fix his own house. While working, you can impart some important things and life lessons you haven’t shared to him yet. The wisdom of a father is a son’s greatest legacy.

The most common traditional or iconic paternal bonding is definitely going on a fishing expedition. He might have missed learning how to fix a line or how to put the bait when he was younger. But if you were both good at it, teach each other new tricks or techniques to a successful fishing.

This is a road trip, hiking and hunting all at once, so it is definitely fun. If you focus on hunting, just make sure you have all the necessary hunting gear. Hunting can be an all-day activity, giving you the whole day to talk shop.

When I went hunting wild game with my son, I shared stories about my experience in deer hunting with North American Hunter. By encouraging conversation, you will build your relationship. It’s better to ask open-ended questions, not only those answerable by yes or no. I am sure at the end of the hunting day, you will not only enjoy your catch, but also the time you and your son spent talking about so many things.

This has become a popular hobby or sport nowadays. Connect with your friends and bring your son along for an exciting game of paintball. Let him feel that he belongs to your league despite him being young. For sure, he would cherish this experience and both of you would be more proud of each other.

These are only few of the many outdoor adventures you and your son can work and enjoy together. But whether you are just watching your favorite movies at home, or your favorite football game outside, or shopping for some equipment, always remember to talk your son regularly. There is no greater joy for a son than to know he has his father’s back all the time.

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