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I was contacted recently by Jane, one of the members of the parenting blog Quib.ly about their cyber-bullying infographic that went up recently. The hope is that the Quibly guide will provide the foundation for other informed parents to lend their own thoughts about the subject.

cyberbully infographic from quiblyInterestingly, there is a significant overlap between children who are both bullies and victims. Jane reports that perhaps some of her traditional notions about bullying don’t apply when it comes to cyber bullying. Did you know that a sizable percentage of children who are victims are also bullies?

The guide at the bottom of the page on identifying and defending yourself against the different types of bullying is really something useful for as many parents as possible to see.

Check out the Quib.ly Cyber-Bullying Guide here. And then come on back and share your thoughts, won’t you?

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