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When we moved into our home 14 years ago, we had a pair of toddlers. Finances were tight, and we couldn’t afford to add on a deck to the back of the house right away. The sliding glass door was therefore a safety hazard if it could be opened (there was about a 4 foot drop if you stepped out that door). Our builder solved the problem by rigging the door so it could only be opened about 6 inches. This was handy for air circulation and for keeping little boys safely on the right side of the opening.

Once the deck was added on years later, the door was finally opened and we’ve enjoyed entering and exiting the house across the deck ever since. As I write this, I’m waiting for one of the dogs to come back inside through that very door. She’s out barking at some creature or another. Loudly. Late at night. I’m hoping the neighbors don’t mind too much.

Where was I? Ah. Yes. Safety and sliding glass doors. If we’d have been able to use the slider when the boys were small, I definitely would have had to find some sort of safety device. That door is easy for small humans to operate and get themselves out the door and into some unsupervised trouble.

I was offered the opportunity to try out a Forever Safe ‘N Sound device recently. Heroes, if you’re looking for an easy way to secure a window or door in your home, this device may be just the ticket. It attaches with a strong suction cup, and can be set to block the door or window from opening with ease. The alarm feature can allow for additional peace of mind; you know from anywhere in the house that your charge is attempting an unauthorized exit.

According to the website, approximately 5,000 children fall out of windows each year in the US. I know from personal experience how easy it is for little guys to get a window open. I refer, of course, to the incident shortly after we moved here when two very gleeful three-year-olds got the window open and threw most of their toys and belongings out to the ground (15 feet below!!) just to see the items fall. Hubby and I were no more than 20 feet away. We thought the happy noises were two boys playing safely in their bedroom. Thankfully, neither of them thought to throw the other one out. That window was locked for years after that day.

Here is the inventor showing how to use the device on a window.

Because it attaches via suction cup, it’s very portable. You can even take it along with on a vacation. At $29.95, this device is an affordable way to have an added layer of security. Please note, the Forever Safe ‘N Sound won’t stop someone from opening a door, nor is it meant to be an entire security system on its own. For its intended purpose though, I really like this device.

For the record, the younger boys are also very fond. After we opened the box, they spent a ridiculous amount of time setting off the alarm on different windows in the house.

The novelty didn’t wear off for days.

FTC Disclosure: I was given a Forever Safe ‘N Sound device at no cost in order to write this review.