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The number of children suffering an injury while playing a sport is on the rise. The good news is that sports injuries can be prevented by taking a few precautions. Below are some tips that will keep your children safe while they are playing sports:

Use the Proper Equipment

It is essential for children to wear the right safety gear and equipment. The type of equipment needed is dependent on the sport the child is playing. If your children are playing hockey, baseball or softball, then they will need helmets. Protective eyewear is needed for sports like basketball and racquetball.

Ensure That There Is Adequate Supervision

Adequate adult supervision is needed for every sport. You will need to choose teams and leagues that are just as committed to injury prevention and safety as you are. You should also make sure that the coach has been trained in first aid and CPR. Furthermore, you should be wary of a coach who has a win-at-all-costs type of attitude. Those types of coaches may encourage kids to play when they have plantar fasciitis or another type of injury.

Make Sure That Children Are Properly Prepared

Preparation is one of the keys to preventing sports injuries. You should ensure that your children attend all of the training sessions and warm up prior to playing the game. You will also need to make sure that your children stay hydrated and rest during games and practices.

Teach Children How to Listen To Their Bodies

Most children really want to win the game, so they may push themselves even when they are injured. However, children should be taught how to listen to their bodies and look out for the signs of an injury. You should encourage your children to stop exercising if they start to experience extreme pain or swelling.

Make Sure That Children Properly Recover

If your child happens to suffer an injury, then it is important for him or her to take the time to recover. It is very easy for one to suffer a second injury if he or she does goes out on the field before recovering from the first.

Sports are supposed to be fun for children, but an injury can ruin a child’s experience. Fortunately, injuries can be prevented by using the proper equipment, making sure that children are properly prepared and ensuring that there is adequate adult supervision. Children should also be taught how to listen to their bodies. Furthermore, they should not be allowed to play a sport again until they have recovered.