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While it may seem like winter will never end, summer is just around the corner. That means a long stretch when your children will be at home. As you plan ahead for those warm, sunny days, think about activities that will be a blast and teach them something along the way.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items to track down as you go on a hike, trek along the nature trail, or visit your local park. As you help your child to check off the items one by one, you’ll be developing observational skills. It’s also an excellent moment to encourage communication as you talk about each find.

Keep a Daily Journal Together

Buy a notebook or get a large, 3-ring binder to create a journal. Make it a quality time with your child as you sit down together and talk about your day, jotting down highlights in your journal. Younger children can illustrate the notebook while you o the writing. Your older child can practice writing skills while you enjoy spending time together thinking about daily highlights.

Go on Field Trips

Each week, plan an outing. It doesn’t have to be expensive or far away. You might go to the library, the museum, or venture off to the grocery store. Take advantage of opportunities to learn something new each time that you open the door to the world around your child. Always answer questions, promote discussion, take pictures, and stay engaged in the moment.

Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Scientist

Children are naturally curious and love to investigate everything around them. Involve them in scientific activities, such as simple experiments that can be found online to examining everything and anything that will fit on the slide of a microscope. Companies such as microscope.com are your go-to source to help you find the materials to turn your home into a science lab.

Get Lost in a Book

The importance of reading cannot be stressed enough. If your child loves to read and is exposed to it on a daily basis, it will be likely to come easy in life. Sign up for the summer reading program at the library, go to book stores, and read with your child every day.

When summer is upon you, be prepared to make it an enriching time for your child. It can be an enjoyable time, rich in learning opportunities.