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As winter wanes, everyone’s mind turns to summer activities. Being out in the sunshine is the best way to get your exercise and revive your spirits after a long winter. However, sunshine also harbors dangers from ultraviolet rays and dehydration. Follow these tips to keep your family healthy and active during the summer months.

Stay Hydrated

Being out in the sun for long periods of time can lead to dehydration, a condition in which the person uses more of the water in his body than he replaces. Dehydration can lead to headache, dizziness and physical collapse. It’s not only adults that forget to stop activities and drink some water. Children may be so engaged in play that hours go by without a refreshing drink to revive them. Parents should make sure that children stop to re-hydrate frequently in their outdoor play activities. Pack plenty of water bottles in a cooler whenever your family is outside enjoying warm weather.

Keep Lightweight Cover-Ups on Hand

Sunglasses, hats and some lightweight cover-ups should be part of your beach and park activity bag. Sunglasses help to prevent damage to the eyes from ultraviolet light. A hat will help to keep heads cool and prevent overheating. Having lightweight shirts and pants on hand is a good idea if you’re too late to stop a sunburn and need to keep skin covered.

Seek Out Some Shade

Encourage your family to seek out some shade during the outdoor activities to allow their body temperature to cool. This action can help to prevent heat stroke and allow time to drink fluids and re-apply sun protection. Teach children to look for shady areas wherever they play and take frequent breaks in warm weather.

Make Sunscreen Part of Your Daily Routine

You can simplify your warm weather sun protection by applying sunscreen in the morning as part of your family’s daily grooming routine. If you have family members with sensitive skin, you may wish to consider the benefits of using natural sunscreen. These products can be beneficial for the whole family, with less irritation and all the protective capability of traditional products.

Being out in the sunshine is a part of many healthy activities. Help your family to stay aware of summer’s dangers and to follow these tips for protecting themselves against the sun’s harmful rays.