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Are you a father who is trying to reconnect with your son? Perhaps you have both been too busy to spend quality time together recently. If so, here are four great ideas for ways for fathers to reconnect with their sons.

Repair the Family Car

Has your car broken down recently? Are its parts worn out and need of replacement or repair? Ask your son if he would like to work on the family car with you. There are all sorts of repairs or replacements that can be accomplished without the aid of a professional car mechanic. Examples include rotating the tires, replacing the spark plugs, replacing the shocks, changing the oil, or maybe even rebuilding the whole engine if you’ve feeling adventurous. Generally if you’re going to rebuild an engine, you probably know a thing or two about cars, but even then it might be good to consult with professional engine rebuilders in Houston or what ever local area you and your family might live in. Giving the family a car a tune up is a fun and challenging activity that can be done while have a good conversation with your son.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a tranquil activity that is perfect for father/son bonding. It often takes a great deal of patience, and a bit of good luck, in order to reel in a catch. Even if you aren’t successful, however, the conversation can be the best part of the experience. You can spend hours talking to your son, and hopefully you will be able to take home some delicious bass at the end of the day as well.

Go To A Sporting Event

Going to see a local sports team is a great way to bond with your son if he loves sports. If you live in or near a major city, there are likely football, baseball, basketball or hockey teams that play nearby. It’s always an exciting bonding experience when you see your favorite team make a big play or pull off a key win against a heated division rival. Even if you live in a smaller town, there are often minor league baseball or basketball teams in the area.

Go See a Movie

Is there a recently released film that you and your son are both interested in seeing? Forget the chick flicks and set out together to see the new action-packed epic that both of you have been anticipating. Revel in the excitement of seeing the film together in a theater and then talk about your favorite parts afterward.

We understand how important it is for fathers to bond with their sons, and we are confident that all of these ideas will help this occur. Pick your favorite option on the list and try it out. Better yet, do all four!

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