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Most parents will do anything within their power to help their children grow up happy and successful. In some cases, children don’t always agree with what their parents have in mind for them, and parents should consider the wishes of their children before making plans for them. However, there are several important reasons why you should insist that your children learn a second language.

1. Better Socialization Abilities
In an ever more blended world, your child will most likely find himself in a classroom filled with something other than just American children. Being able to fluently speak and understand a foreign language will help your child be confident, and he won’t shy away from the opportunity to interact with a child whose first language is not English.

2. More Varied Career Opportunities
Every day, you will see more job listings that require applicants to be proficient in more than one language. By encouraging your children to learn a second language, you will be opening up a greater path to success for them. They will be more qualified for many more career opportunities, which often offer higher wages.

3. Increased Cognitive Skills
Studies have shown that children who have learned a second language have increased skills in cognitive-based problem solving. These children tend to score higher on standardized testing and show increased reasoning, thinking and numeric understanding skills. In short, a child who has gone through the process of learning a second language is more capable of using his thought processes to be more successful in all academic areas. Exercises like flashcards, Spanish reading practice, and writing in a second language are great ways to help your kids learn at home.

4. Cultural Awareness
When your child learns a foreign language, it is very likely he will become interested in learning more about those cultures that speak the language. This is a great way to expand your child’s horizons so he may learn more about the world he lives in outside his own immediate surroundings, and it also encourages a greater tolerance and understanding of all other cultures.

5. College Readiness
A second language not only looks great on your child’s college application, but it is also normally a requirement for college entrance these days. These children also tend to perform better on their college entrance tests, such as the SAT and ACT, which can greatly open the door to more scholarships to help pay for college.

Once your children have mastered a second language, they are going to be very proud of themselves. In many cases, they will want to go on to learn additional languages. Parents should encourage this as it will open the children’s minds to the greater process of learning new things.

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