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Summer arrives faster than you might want it to, and children look for something to do while at home. Why not make this summer one where you do projects that help others instead of doing the same things day after day? There are plenty of activities that you can do as a family that don’t take a lot of time and are beneficial for many groups in the community.

Book Drive

If you have ever been to a nursing home or elderly care center, then you probably know that the people there don’t have a lot to do other than talk to each other and participate in the scheduled activities. Hold a book drive to collect books, puzzles and crossword activities for the people at the facilities. Reach out to book stores that might have items they no longer sell on shelves to see if they would donate them. You can also ask your local library if it has any older books that are too worn to check out but not too worn to donate.

Baby Items

Another drive you can do is for a local pregnancy center. You can collect baby items like diapers, bottles, clothes and other things that a new mom might be able to use. These items can be taken to a pregnancy center, and if there isn’t one in your city, you can take the items to a local ministry to give to new parents who might not have a lot of money for necessities.

Yard Sale

If you have a trip planned for the summer, then hold a yard sale in order to raise money for the trip. Each person in the family can put items in the yard sale. The items sold can go to the spending money of that person. You can also have a bake sale to raise money for the trip.

Fort Building

This is a great option, not only for igniting creativity in your own child. But you can have their friends or neighbor friends come over and participate. This will give not only your child but close friends a fun activity that can last all summer and lend some time to other parents. The experts from Daffodil Storage recommend fort building as a wholesome summer activity. For very little cost to the parents, you can get fort building supplies and help your child’s creativity by building the fort of their dreams. It also offers tons of great play value for the child afterward.

Clean Yards

You probably know someone who isn’t able to get outside to clean his or her yard. Why not take your children to clean the yard for that person? You can mow the yard, or if you have a teenager, you can let the teen mow the lawn under your supervision. Cut away limbs from the home, and plant flowers to beautify the yard.


There is most likely some kind of soup kitchen in your city.Volunteer your time by serving a meal or talking with some of the people who are at the facility. If there are children there, then consider babysitting so that the parents can look for work.

Open your mind to options that are in your city that will help others. Plan a project each work or once a month that will help those in need. Your children won’t be bored, and you will teach a lesson in helping others at the same time.

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