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Making sure you get a vehicle that has everything you need is easy. Getting a vehicle with everything you want can be a little more difficult. When you have kids, some of the wants start moving toward needs, however, simply to ensure that the kids are entertained and having a good time during your daily commute or long trips. So, make sure that your new car has some of these great child-friendly features.

Leather Seats Protect From Stains

One of the first things you need to decide is that you need to make sure your new vehicle has enough seating for everyone in the family. On top of that, the seating needs to be spacious enough that the children don’t feel like they’re sitting on top of one another. Leather seats are a good option because they don’t stain like cloth, and they don’t rip as easily. On the other hand, if you’re in an area that has extreme differences in climate, cloth may be more comfortable for children. In addition, cloth is the cheaper option in most cars.

Mounted TVs Entertain

If you really want to make sure that your children are comfortable and entertained on a long trip, consider a car with a mounted television in the back. This will allow you to play movies, keeping the kids from fighting or getting too bored. Most of these televisions have a number of ways that you can play movies, from USB drives to computer connections, which allow you to play a video directly from your laptop. Most mounted TVs in cars also include a DVD player.

Some of the newer entertainment systems in cars allow for connection to video game systems. This is great for those with older kids who want to play their favorite games on a family vacation. In addition, if you get a vehicle with an entertainment system, you’ll need to make sure you get one with headphone jacks, to help save your sanity. Unless you want to listen to the same movie 500 times, of course.

Less Gas Money Means More Play Money

Let’s be honest—no kid is ever going to worry about the gas mileage that the car they’re sitting in gets. However, it is one of the most kid-friendly things you can consider when you’re looking at new cars. This is because the less money you have to throw into the gas tank every time you fill up, the more likely you are to actually let them get candy or a toy at the next gas station. If you want the best gas mileage combined with the seating and other features you need, make sure you consider hybrid SUVs.

Crystal Clear Kid-Friendly Tunes

Do your kids love listening to music? Make sure that the car you get has a great sound system. Today you can find cars, trucks, and SUVs with extremely advanced sound systems. Some new cars offer top of the line options, such as Bose speakers. Others have several speakers to ensure that everyone can hear what is playing.

When considering the sound system, it’s important to keep in mind more than just the number of speakers, and the brand of them. Make sure that your vehicle has the inputs you need. Do you have an iPod that has all the kids’ favorite music? If so, you’ll need a vehicle that has the iPod connection. USB connections are great as well, since they allow you to plug in a number of devices.

Safety Features That Protect Them

As a parent, you need to make sure your children are safe when they’re in the car. Many safety features, such as seatbelts, are standard today. However, there are some that go above and beyond. Side curtain airbags are a great option to help keep your kids uninjured in an accident. Electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes keep you in better control on the road in bad conditions.

When you’re looking for a car as a parent, there are different features and options that you’ll need to consider than when you didn’t have kids. Some of these features come standard while others will increase the price of your new car.

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