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Losing that first baby tooth can be a quick and easy surprise or weeks of anxiety as it wiggles a little at a time. Sharing the legend of the tooth fairy is a fun way to bring a little magic home and it also provides a teachable moment to have with your snaggle tooth kiddo.

1. Money Matters

Traditionally, the tooth fairy will retrieve a baby tooth left underneath the child’s pillow in exchange for some money. Why not make this a lesson in delayed gratification and an introduction to savings? You could try one dollar now or three dollars in the piggy bank. This conversation will no doubt continue throughout those teen years!

2. Dental Delights

Saying goodbye to baby teeth is also a transition into a new phase of childhood. Try to offer a new tooth toy like a colorful toothbrush, interesting floss, or toothbrush holder for the bathroom. The experts from Wichita Pediatric Dentistry, P.A. Say that increasing the expectation of good dental hygiene is truly more important with those permanent teeth coming soon. This is a great way to show what the tooth fairy expects of them and how they should treat their teeth. The idea of the tooth fairy can be used regularly to stress the importance of bushing and taking care if your teeth.

3. To Give…

The tooth fairy is so generous. She takes those little old teeth and brings gifts! It is so wonderful to receive gifts. Point out the wonderful feeling that your child has from receiving this magical present and brainstorm ways to be a gift fairy to someone else. Maybe it is time to take old toys to the charity box. To give is better than to receive, right? This is a great way to expend the idea of the tooth fairy and just teach your child about being generous and thinking about others.

4. No Baby Teeth, No Baby

Along with those growing expectations of dental independence, this is a great age to talk with your kids about those changes coming now that they are not a baby. Empower your little human that school and the world-at-large are ready for the taking. Talk about the age you lost your teeth and what you liked to study, read and play with back then.

5. Magic Is Everywhere

Whether you decide to dust the floor with glitter to mark the fairy’s path, or just celebrate with a pancake breakfast, growing up is magical. Celebrate these milestones with your family and encourage a joy of mind and spirit. Taking these little moments and turning them into something to celebrate is a fun way to not only make your little one feel special, but teach them different ideas or principles.

The tooth fairy is a wonderful tool to teach life lessons and have conversations about what it means to grow up. Like that singular experience of losing a tooth, it can be both exciting and anxiety addled. Sprinkle a little magic into the situation and be a present parent to offer the words of wisdom all growing experiences are really about.