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Many homeowners are aware of common places requiring cleaning with spring’s arrival, like barbecue grills, mattress covers, windows, and kitchens. However, many of us are prone to over-look many areas capable of breeding germs. For additional peace of mind, general health, and your family’s well-being, pay attention to less-common areas during spring cleaning to add a thorough touch to each season.

Once a Year Cleaning

While maintenance across the year is important for keeping a home in tip-top shape, many individual once-per-year chores are ideal for a spring cleaning session. When it gets warm outside, and when you want the revealed ground to be clean, take advantage of several lesser-known cleaning methods. Pay attention to toilet brush holders, ventilation grates, closet shelves, medicine cabinets, and electric fan blades. Additionally, when scouting the kitchen, beware lunch boxes, utensil trays, cutting boards, and oven interiors, and take extra care with refrigerator interiors with a follow-up sweep.

Winter Wares

Store any non-seasonal items, and pack away clothing you won’t need anymore. Scarves, coats, gloves, and other heavy apparel that can be tucked away for safe-keeping, and remember to pack away winter decorations with any snow cleaning materials and tools. Get all your winter shovels and sleds packed away in the garage and move the gardening and lawnmower to the front. Now is also a great time to clean out the interior of your car. Vacuum out all the winter grime and trash, and clean the upholstery. A car detailing professional from Fort Walton Beach tells us to make sure after you scrub down a car you also check the oils and other fluids.

Lawn Care

Don’t neglect the outdoors. Many homeowners fail to consider their home’s exterior as an area requiring service. Remember to brush off outdoor deck and patio furniture, and repair any broken items lying around outside. Lawn maintenance should also be started when the weather improves, and you can add a special touch to a yard with evergreens, shrubs and other garden additions.

Outside Looking In

Washing windows is similarly important, even though many consider it to be an outside job. It may be difficult to enjoy the new season with smudged windows, so take advantage of an exterior window cleaning system, and let your hose finish the work. Remember to check windows for external caulking, and re-apply caulk where your windows seem to be worn out. This saves money on the energy bill, and sharpens your home’s appearance.

Carpets and Furniture

Don’t ever neglect a carpet, and contact a professional if the work is too advanced to complete yourself. If you have wood floors, have them freshly polished and ready for the spring season. Professional-grade carpet and upholstery cleaning devices are available at home improvement stores, too, and they help add a heightened sense of a clean home by keeping furniture attractive and clean.

Remember to be consistent with spring cleaning, and don’t forget the little areas. Spring cleaning will make your home happy and healthy. It’s important to treat each interior area equally. Pay attention to the above areas, and your home will look great for the new season!

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