The American Osteopathic Association Suggests You Spring Clean for Health

Heroes, nothing is more important than the health of the family, so it’s imperative to prevent illness and injuries before they occur. The American Osteopathic Association (AOA), which represents the nation’s more than 82,000 osteopathic physicians, or DOs, wants to encourage you to set aside a few hours during one weekend this spring to take steps toward making your home a healthier place.

The American Osteopathic Association suggests starting with a weekend checklist:

  • On Friday, schedule appointments you’ve been putting off with your primary care physician or  specialist. Make a list of questions, including those about medications, vitamins and supplements, physical activity, and diet.
  • Set aside time on Saturday to tackle household chores that will help make your home a cleaner, safer, and healthier place. Clean out the medicine cabinet and dispose of old medications and other expired products safely. Replace filters in heating and cooling systems, like your furnace. Wash window screens to remove pollen and mold, and vacuum or wash window treatments.
  • Spend Sunday purchasing supplies or products needed to maintain a safe and healthy environment in your home, including medicines, first aid supplies, and sunscreen. Also consider purchasing plant-based cleaning products or making your own cleaning products to help minimize asthma or allergy symptoms.

Today is Tuesday. It snowed last night. (sob) I for one think it’s high time to consider the season to be spring. So yay! Cleaning. Let’s take care of these tasks this weekend, okay?

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2 Responses to “The American Osteopathic Association Suggests You Spring Clean for Health”

  1. Breaking jobs like this down into bite sized chunks are a good way to get them done. We all know housework isn’t fun, but doing a little at a time can make it bareable as well as being able to fit it around the family.
    Thank you.

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