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Having taught in various settings for more than 20 years now, I’ve seen education trends come and go. Anyone remember Outcomes Based Education in the late 90’s?

Yea. That’s pretty much gone.

There has been a lot of bad press generated by the Common Core Curriculum. Truth be told, much of it seems deserved. Is it all bad? I’m not completely sure of that (I haven’t spent much time reading the standards). There certainly have been problems with it, especially at the elementary level.

My guess is that it was written by well-meaning individuals, but that more than a few mistakes were made in the implementation. Raising education standards is a good thing. Trying to do that with a top-down federalized approach? I don’t see the wisdom in that.

So in that spirit, I share with you this infographic that is critical of the Common Core. I think it makes a few good points.

Common Core
Source: BestMastersinEducation.com