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As a parent, your most important job is to provide safety and security for your children. While there are many things you can personally do to ensure their well-being, it’s what you teach them that could one day save their lives. There are five skills you should teach them while they are young that could prove life-saving in the future.

1. Water Safety

Every day, nearly ten people die from drowning, and passing on valuable water safety tips for toddlers is crucial. Young children can pick up on new skills quickly, and you should familiarize them with the pool at a young age. The investment in swimming lessons for toddlers can help them avoid becoming a tragic statistic in the future.

2. Fire Safety

Fire is an element that we need for survival. However, it can also be highly dangerous. The best time to ingrain the concept of “stop, drop, and roll” is when your child is a toddler. The natural reaction many people have is to run when they become ignited, and this will only cause the problem to become worse.

3. Stranger Danger

While most people are harmless, there are always a few bad apples in the barrel. A skill you should instill in your child at an early age is the ability to resist the temptation to accept gifts from strangers. Every year, hundreds of children are abducted, and they are often lured into strange cars through the offer of temptations such as candy. Teach them at a young age to say “no.”

4. Memorizing Address and Phone Number

There are a number of situations in which you and your child could become separated. Whether they become lost in the grocery store, become separated in a natural disaster, or another situation, the ability for your young child to recite their address and phone number could be the link that will result in a happy reunion.

5. Firearms

The right to bear arms is one that protects our ability to protect our homes and families. Approximately 40 percent of homes contain firearms. If yours is one of them, teaching them the dangers of guns is important. They should be taught the skill of firearms safety as well as be shown how dangerous they are.

Knowledge is Power

Your children are precious, and they are capable of retaining more information than you may realize. By teaching them these five skills at a young age, you give them the power of knowledge that could one day save their life.