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If your child has a specific fear, you may be wondering just what you can do to help. The good news is that there are five tips every parent should know about teaching a child to conquer his fears.

Spiders, Bugs, and Other Insects

If your child is afraid of spiders or other insects, you will need to help him conquer this fear because spiders and bugs are everywhere. You can start by going to the public library to check out books about them. The experts from Bugman Pest Control Inc. say to help your child to learn as much as possible about spiders and bugs to help him connect with them. Once he realizes all the neat things about them, he may start asking to get a pet spider for his room!

Monsters under the Bed

If your child is afraid of monsters under his bed at night, you can ask if a nightlight or lamp would help. Many kids who say they are afraid of monsters under the bed are actually just scared of the dark. By lighting the room, the fear may go away quickly. If not, try setting up stuffed animals around the bed to keep watch over your child, so he can sleep peacefully.

Alone Time

If your child is afraid to be left alone in his room, you will have to help him overcome the fear. Make sure you always tell your child when you are leaving the room and where you are going. Start by leaving him alone for just a few seconds and then increase the time you are gone a little at a time. Another idea is to help find activities to keep your child occupied, so he won’t care that you aren’t there.

Losing You

If your child is afraid of losing you, this is a real concern. Your child may be afraid you won’t come back to get him after school. Many children who express this fear are really just unsure of where you go each day when you aren’t with him. To alleviate this fear, take your child with you to work one day, so he can see exactly where you go.


If your child has a fear of swimming, sign him up for swimming lessons. If the fear is severe, pay for private swimming lessons. Make sure you get in the water with your child to show him that you are comfortable in the water.

You can teach your child to overcome his fears. Never make fun of the fears. Instead, try to find logical ways to conquer them.