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A big focus for Hubby and I lately has been eating healthier. So I was pretty interested when the good folks at Wholesome Cravings contacted me and asked for a review of their baking mixes. These dairy-free, gluten-free mixes have zero grams of trans fats and are high in protein. Some of them are low in calories too (bonus!!). The recipes are written to accommodate a variety of sweeteners. I used Stevia extract in two and sugar in the other two.

wholesome cravings muffin mix boxesI received 4 boxes: Pumpkin Spice, Banana Chocolate Chip, Apple Ginger, and Decadent Chocolate Chip. I also needed a can of pumpkin (supplied) and had to get my own frozen apple juice concentrate, a few eggs, and two bananas.

Overall, the recipes were terrific. The ingredient lists were short and directions were simple. I did struggle with the arrangement of the words on the box. The font is very small and I misread how much sweetener was required for the first recipe I made (the pumpkin spice). The result was a set of muffins that were VERY low in calories. They were also not completely satisfactory in terms of texture and dryness.

For the other three boxes, the muffins turned out to be fabulous. Nothing like getting the directions right to cause a baking exercise to be successful. The decadent chocolate chip was my second attempt and I enjoyed those tremendously. I was a little bit bummed that they had calories included, because this was my favorite flavor. But I guess you can’t have everything in life. The apple ginger muffins came in at 190 calories apiece, which is fantastic.

I made the apple ginger and the banana chocolate chip muffins this weekend, and they’re already almost gone. The younger boys in particular were very fond of the apple ginger. This was unexpected. I thought for sure they’d prefer the banana. Who knew?

I’ve already fielded requests to make these again.

FTC Disclosure: I was provided 4 boxes of muffin mix and a can of pumpkin for free in order to complete this review. All opinions are my own. It’s darn tasty mix, especially if you read the directions properly.