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There’s a reason that items like your refrigerator and dishwasher are called major appliances – it’s a major purchase. And a major pain if you pick out the wrong one and have to return it. But even though this is a major decision, it doesn’t have to be a headache. By following the six tips below you can narrow down the options a bit easier and find the right appliances for your family without having to flip a coin or drive for miles.

Learn From The Misery of Others

It might sound harsh, but it’s true – your friends and family have purchased appliances they hate. And if you ask them which appliances they’d never buy again, they’ll likely be all too happy to open up about their appliance woes. Learn form the mistakes of others and take notes, as doing so can help you avoid repeating their mistakes.

Avoid Impulse Buying

If you stumble across a refrigerator you just love, don’t buy it right away. Take the information sheet and compare it to other retailers and other models to make sure you’re really getting a great deal. Something that seems outstanding at the time may not be so great when you really look at it, so avoid purchasing appliances on a knee-jerk reaction.

Know Yourself

You know how you use your kitchen, how you cook, how you store foods, which foods you store, which you buy the most of, and so on. Use this information to inform your purchasing decisions. Just because an appliance looks beautiful doesn’t mean it will suit your lifestyle. Make some notes before you shop for your appliances such as “need to store a large quantity of fruit” or “need upper storage”. Take notes for a day or two on how you use your appliances, and then purchase items that cater to those behaviors.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

In construction the adage is “measure twice, cut once”, but the same type of sentiment goes when it comes to your appliance purchases. Measure the area you have available for your new appliance, and make sure your chosen item fits there. While this might seem obvious, too many people fail to measure. Also, be sure you measure how much room you have along the path from the door to the appliance’s room. If you have to demolish a wall to get it there, you might want to pick another model.

Function Before Aesthetics

Don’t fall for an item just because it’s pretty. While picking an appliance you like the looks of certainly falls under the category of finding an appliance that suits you and your family, being able to use said appliance is far more important. Narrow down your options by ease of use first, then by color and handle style.

Listen Carefully

You wouldn’t buy a car without turning on the engine and taking it for a ride, right? So don’t buy that great new oven or that refrigerator before you get a chance to listen to it. If you have a very small kitchen and that new commercial range hood for your oven makes it sound like a jet plane is landing in your home, it’s probably not the best option for you. According to an appliance repair specialist in Gwinnett, you should always listen to the machine for a few tries before deciding.

Taking these things into consideration is a great way to ensure you’re picking out the best appliance for you and your family. Check out brand names and explore the manufacturer’s website, as well as review sites, and do your research before making purchases. Put function above form and pick items that will fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and you’ll be much happier with your purchase than if you buy on looks alone.