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Summer is just around the corner, and the opportunity to hit the water is coming right along with it. Turn up the fun this summer by adding some new aquatic activities to your summer bucket list. Don’t just take a dip in the water this year, try some of these family-friendly water activities you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Kayaking is a fun and easy activity that family members of all ages can enjoy. Kayaking lets each person have a bit more freedom, going as fast or as slow as they want, going straight or in circles – your kayak, your rules. Kayaking is fun and relaxing, a low-key time on the water that everyone can enjoy. Kayaks are usually a one-person water craft, but can come in a two-person version if you want the experience of cruising along the placid water with someone close by.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Stand up paddle boarding is quickly gaining popularity, and it’s no wonder why. It’s is a fun way to get not only in the water, but up on the water. Stand up paddle boards, more commonly known as SUP’s, are easy to learn and maneuver, so even your smallest can get the hang of it quickly. Stand up paddle boarding is a unique activity that people rave about, and your family will be no different. If you want a lot of water, or a little water, this is the perfect water activity for your family. Even pets love to ride with you.

White Water Rafting
White water rafting may seem dangerous, but it is actually a safe activity when done with a trained guide. You’d be hard pressed to find a more exciting, adrenaline rush-inducing water activity to do with your family. You can make a whole day of it, too, with many guided trips spanning all day and including snacks and meals. You get a little scenery, a little action all for a small fee, and plenty of memories!

Tubing is a water sports tradition, a starter-sport for many people. It continues to be popular because it’s just so much fun! Tubing is exciting and safe, something that even the little ones can enjoy, and riders can go individually or a few a time. Tubing is a little skill, lots-of-fun way to spend time on the water, fun for those who’ve never done it and those who’ve done it a thousand times.

Wakeboarding is another sport that keeps getting more and more popular. Though it takes more skill than other water activities, it is fun to learn and even more fun once you have the skills to not just get tugged along, but do tricks. While safety and skill are an element here, learning together and having fun together will make it one of your family’s favorite activities.

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