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A dog is going to become a cherished member of the family, but for most families, the dog should probably stay outside most of the time. If we’re going to put the beloved dog outside, then the dog should have a back yard that he can safely enjoy. Here are five simple tips to make any backyard pup-friendly.

1. Removing Man-Made Chemicals
No matter where a house is located, many families may find themselves struggling with pests or looking to kill weeds, and dogs are curious and tend to sniff out chemicals. No chemicals or traps should be used in the yard unless they are completely pet-safe and the dog should be taken off the property or kept in the house during bug spraying.

2. Stimulating Toys
The key to a happy, fulfilled dog is both safety and mental stimulation. Dogs should have constant access to toys that are safe and will stimulate both their mind and provide them with some sort of exercise. This includes options such as tear-resistant treat holders that will promote healthy teeth and give them a complicated problem for them to work through. Buy new toys every now and then to switch it up for your puppy

3. Dog-Friendly Fences
When most dog owners think of a dog-friendly fence, they are just looking to ensure that the fence is sturdy enough to keep a dog from getting lost, away from traffic and far from hungry predators. Dogs will definitely give a fence love, so it’s important to have something durable enough for the dog. Many canines are smart and athletic which makes for a fence defying combination. Fences should be tall enough for dogs to not get near the top and there should not be openings they could get stuck in. Get a good pet fence from a quality supplier like Elrod Fence Company.

4. Toxic Plants
Most dogs have good intuition when it comes to avoiding dangerous plants, but dog owners can never be too careful. When dogs are curious, bored, or not feeling well, they will often begin to nibble at grass, trees, and other flora around the yard. Owners should identify all accessible fruits and flowers that could attract a dog and make sure that they will not harm the pet if consumed.

5. Proper Waste Disposal
While some people tend to think of outdoor dogs as smelly or dirty, they are in fact relatively hygienic. In part, this is due to their nature to distance themselves from their droppings, and there should always be a designated location for the droppings and it should be cleaned regularly. Dogs that constantly step on their own droppings have a high chance of developing an infection.

Maintaining a safe outdoor area is a great way to keep a puppy both healthy and engaged, and replacing some of the unsafe items around the yard with dynamic toys will improve their memory and happiness.

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