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Moms and dads are always looking for temporary ways to decorate a child’s room. However, remembering children are full of happy, sloppy, unusual, exceptional and very individual personalities can make or break even the most adventurous room personalizing-inclined parent.

It isn’t long before a young child will begin reinforcing his or her own personality by exploring color preferences, textures and other artistic expressions. With that in mind, as well as the speed at which little Susie or Bobby is growing, this is the perfect time to discover temporary and creative solutions to have fun and help personalize a child’s room their way. Let’s get started!

Functional Vs. Fun
Believe it or not, there may be a time where functional vs. fun becomes an issue when personalizing a kiddo’s room. Let’s say, more times than not. One way to win using both sides of the creative coin is with character balloons.

Little Bobby celebrated his young birthday. Recycle left-over, large, Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster balloons by letting the helium out, flattening the balloon and tacking each character balloon on the wall for the perfect temporary and personalized wall art solution.

Any-Age Artistic Trash Can
Find favorite pictures using magazines, photographs, decals, stickers or artwork. Cut, then paste with Mod Podge craft glue on to any metal trash can in a collage-form. Items may be overlapped, diagonal or in any design the child prefers. As the child’s tastes change, so can the pictures. Voila, a wonderfully kid-friendly and personalized way to get kids to actually throw things away!

Stenciling and Wall Decals
Fabrics and canvases can easily be individualized using stencils and a little creative thinking. Sweet sayings, favorite lyrics or a room filled with geometric lines and circles are only the beginning of great ways to give her room just the right touch. If you aren’t artistic yourself, you can easily just get some logo wall decals and stick them onto the wall wherever you want a little something extra.

Crafty Framed Pictures
Don’t settle for boring picture mats to surround those precious photos, school art and class pictures. Select cool fabrics, contact paper or wrapping paper to re-wrap picture mats for picture-perfect-personalization.

Easy Frames for Tykes
Instead of boring plastic frames, grab a handful of multi-color craft foam sheets and create your own frame. Foam is easy to cut and can also be used to decorate by cutting funny shapes and sizes.

A little imagination goes a long way. Let your kids in on the fun of personalizing their room their way – with a little help. After all, they are the most inspired decorators you could hire!

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