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So whoops. It’s already Tuesday. I’m sorry about missing the linky yesterday, and for the second week in a row! I will get back on track this coming week, I promise.

Essentially, LOTS has been going on behind the scenes. We just finished up an 8-week stretch of insanity in which 4 separate sports schedules were juggled. For the most part, it went very smoothly. But wow, was it ever busy!

Also, there have been some epic editing going on in the archives. Most of you won’t care, but Google has penalized this site for too many links out to other sites. After 7 years of articles, yea, there are a lot of links. Back when I started, this didn’t matter. But now it does and I have to go through and fix the problem. There are nearly 2000 articles in the archive, so this is taking me a lot of time. Add to that the abovementioned sports insanity, and you may understand why publishing has been so much less of late.

I hope to get through the archive and make up with Google, then get back to the business of writing about parenting. Because that’s really what I’m here for. Thanks for your patience!