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Good morning, Heroes! Today, I am on a mission to Get Things Done. After a loooooong, hard winter and a cold, wet spring, we’ve moved into a stormy, humid summer. (begin sarcasm) Yay. (end sarcasm)

Seriously, though: I am feeling more like getting some things off my guilt list today. Hubby got to stay home from work this weekend and he and I dug in and cleaned out the garage and the master bedroom. I’ve been piling things in our room that I want to get rid of (sell, donate, pass on to friends) and that made the whole room terribly cluttered. And dusty. Blech. So we got it cleaned out! My level surfaces are dust and clutter-free, and they shine with cleanliness.

Oh, the bliss.

We also took a carload of stuff to GoodWill and finished some other errands. AND. We only came home with a couple of items that were absolutely necessary, like light bulbs and a new cannister for the Soda Stream. Which saves me more clutter, by the way. I do dislike dealing with soda bottles.

Today, my mission is to get some things in the mail. I really hate the whole mailing stuff process, which is terrible. But I avoid it. That makes me feel guilty, and the spiral only goes downward from there.

So! It is almost 10 am my time, and I hereby promise to begin working on mailing things forthwith. I’ll try to remember and check in when I’m done.

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**Update at 2:14pm! I just got back from the post office with most items sent. Phew. That feels better.