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So, Heroes! We’ve been making fantastic progress around here. Last week saw not only a successful Vacation Bible School program (I have a lot of responsibilities with it), but a wildly successful garage sale right here at Earnest Parenting HQ. We’ve been collecting items and cleaning out closets and corners all summer, and it was positively thrilling to see so much stuff gone. We took 2 small boxes of stuff to Goodwill, and I have some items to put on Craigslist. The house is starting to get put back together again, and all of the extra space is…well, it’s a beautiful thing.

One of the next big jobs on the horizon is to finish digging through the archives here on the site and get the links cleaned up. You see, Google has rules about this sort of thing, and those rules change frequently. It happens. My job is to get back in compliance and try to patch things up with them. Once that is done, you’ll see a lot more being published here again.

In the meantime, please enjoy this week’s list of giveaways!