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All children face some hardships while trying to become confident. It is an important responsibility of the parents to equip the children with enough confidence. With confidence they will not only survive, but thrive in life. Self confidence and competence supplement each other. A confident child will have a positive and realistic perception of his or her abilities. Confidence will induce performance of children too. The encouraging words of parents boost children’s confidence level immensely especially when parents refer to the specific efforts or abilities of their children.

Let us discuss some parenting tips to instill confidence in your child.

  1. Love your child: This may appear obvious, but many parents do not realize that it is important to express their love for their child. Parents give the children a birth, look after them, love them and nurture them. But being vocal about your love for the child is extremely important. It is when the parents express their love that the children feel protected, confident and worthy. Be open to the child and make it feel important. Clearly mention the child how important it is in your life. Children should feel that they are being loved and cared for.
  2. Praise the child when needed: It is important to give your child praise when he/she does achieve something. Be realistic in your praise and give positive feedback. Positive reinforcement makes the child grow further emotionally and psychologically. Praise should not sound like flattery, but the child should feel acknowledged. Even if the child fails in achieving something, do not be discouraging. Instead, appreciate the effort that has been put in and encourage additional effort in the coming days in order to come out in flying colors.
  3. Help the child to set realistic goals: Children will have many goals; it is possible that some of them may be too far-fetched. Parents should help them set realistic goals which are achievable in real life. Children should not feel the feeling of failure after some petty failures in life. They should be educated to accept ups and downs in life with a stable mind.
  4. Teach children self-love and positive self-talk: Parents should know what self-love and self-talk are before they try to teach their children what these concepts are. One must love one’s own self to become confident. Positive self-talk is also extremely important for realizing one’s strengths and great qualities. Children need to be educated to talk about their positive qualities and achievements. They should be aware of what they are good at. Once they realize their potential they will work harder and achieve many things in life.
  5. Encourage physical activities: Physical health is as important as mental and spiritual health for every human being. Parents should play with the children initially and inculcate in children the habit of staying physically active. Good physical activities not only keep most of the ailments away, but also develop social and interpersonal skills in children. They also learn leadership qualities by engaging in sports.

Parenting is an art which every not every Tom, Dick and Harry will master. Each child is a unique gift of God. Different children need to be treated differently. The onus is on parents as in how their children should be brought up. Good parents ably bring children up as confident, responsible future citizens of the country.

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