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Good Monday, Heroes!

So, I’ve been trying for weeks to finish a project: staining our deck. Hubby helped me clean it long ago, but we haven’t had 48 hours of completely dry weather that coincided with enough time in the schedule to do the job. A couple of weeks of rain on and off didn’t help. It did help the grass, and I love not having to water the flowers. But erg! It does make the deck project difficult.

Today we finally had time to work and the wood was dry enough. That’s when monkeys started throwing wrenches at me. No fun. We managed to get a portion of the railing done, but the stain wasn’t the color promised and it was difficult to get an even coat. I was super disappointed. However, we plan to soldier on and just finish the job. Did I mention that rain is in the forecast? This task has become incredibly difficult. But I will keep at it and at least the wood will be stained, even if it’s blotchy and too reddish. I’m done. We’ll have a preserved deck and that’s going to have to be good enough.

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