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Good Monday, Heroes! Here at Earnest Parenting the weather is turning cooler and the leaves are changing colors. It’s very pretty and I really enjoy my favorite colors. The last-minute panic to get outdoor chores done before snow flies? Not as much my favorite. But at least I can panic while the leaves are gorgeous. I’m pretty thankful for a husband and boys who will help occasionally. Hubby and I stained the deck tonight while The Mercenary was kind enough to mow the lawn.

Of course, he did take a small break from mowing to construct some kind of gadget with a sled and some rope. His younger brothers had a very nice time sledding along on the grass behind the mower. Other than telling Hubby he should probably videotape this event, what could a mom do? They were having a wonderful time out in the fresh air. Sledding. On the grass.

Boys. You never know what they’ll come up with next.

What kind of creative things do your kids do?

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