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So, I saw this new collection of kids furniture recently called Softblock Kids. It’s a contemporary design, which suits my boys in particular. They seem to like that look. There are three pieces: a sofa, an easy chair, and an ottoman. They come in two colors, coral and navy. All pieces have easily removable covers that are machine washable, quick drying, UV resistant, and inter-changeable. Cushions are made with high quality non-absorbent high density foam for strength and light weight. Softer memory foam is used in seating, and reclining areas, and for arm rests. Bottoms are made with mildew resistant awning grade material for maximum durability and lifespan.

Softblock Kids Collection chair and ottoman

The Softblock Kids Collection was created by designers James de Wulf and Goga Bouquet. These two created the Softblock Indoor-Outdoor Furniture and then down sized it for children. The kids furniture carries the same low silhouette and contemporary styling of the adult collection but in smaller “kid sizes”, with its own exciting colors and patterns.

One of the advantages of this collection is the look and function, plus it fills a niche not occupied by other furniture. “I really liked the idea of Softblock for kids because nobody makes contemporary kids furniture which is what this really is”, says de Wulf. “Plus it’s all ‘squishy’ which lends itself well to a play room; not to mention the removable/washable covers for the inevitable messes.” Goga adds “And it is very light so kids can interact with the furniture; pick it up and move it from side to side, climb on it, etc. without getting hurt”.

navy sofa from Softblock Kids collection

For more information on Softblock, go to www.softblockdesign.com.

FTC Disclosure: I was asked to write about this collection even though I haven’t seen it in person. It sure looks great though. I was not compensated for writing this post.