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Good Monday, Heroes! Today we are more cheerful than we were last week. You see, we had to decide it was time to find a new home for our beloved Marlee (one of our Jack Russell Terriers). She really needs to be the only pet in the home; living here with another dog had turned into a lot of conflict. A wonderful trainer helped both dogs get back on track but advised we find the new home for one girl. Wow, was that ever a difficult week. I was a wreck myself because Mar Mar has been my dog mostly. The older boys were sad, as was Hubby. The younger ones were really sad. For all of them, this was a first experience with grief.

I think we’re doing okay with it.

I still miss my girl though.

I am distracting myself with work, and with finding M-dog her new family. If you’re the praying type and wanted to send up a little prayer for her, that would be most appreciated. God loves dogs too, and I know He would like her to be in a wonderful home.

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