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Happy Sunday evening, Heroes! At least, it’s Sunday evening when I’m writing this. Only about an hour left in the day. I’m rather pleased with myself tonight. I am just about finished with the second humongous job that has been hanging over my head for waaaaaaaay too long. I got the finances straightened around and even (mostly) have the budget done! This is a job I have been avoiding. I used to keep track of every penny, and then the software I used was discontinued.

I’ve been adrift ever since.

Thankfully I finally got my act together and got all of the accounts entered into a new program and it actually wasn’t nearly as painful as I had anticipated. Yay! The real trick will be getting the companion phone apps to sync with the desktop program. Then Hubby and I can keep track of expenses in real time. Or at least more often than we were.

The other job that I struggled with was getting the archives of this site cleaned up. I am happy to report that Google has removed the penalty on the site! Now I have to check for broken links and finish with the new look. Do you like it? I’m pleased, but want to change the colors just a bit.

At some point the whole “Phew, I’m finished” will kick in, but for now it still feels pretty unreal.

The budget. Done.


Annnnnnyhow. While I’m glorying in the wonder that balanced accounts can bring, I’d love for you to enjoy the giveaways in the linky below. And if you have one, please do enter it!