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So last week we didn’t have a linky at all. That’s because I was soooooo sick! I woke up fine Sunday morning, but by mid-morning I had to have Hubby drive me home from church because I couldn’t stand up. I just felt so awful! I think it was some sort of stomach flu, because I also wasn’t terribly fond of eating anything. It was Wednesday noon before I was hungry again.

I thought things were going pretty well, but now I seem to have a bad cold that really wants to migrate into my lungs. Well sir, I’m fighting it. Yes I am. Vitamins and rest and LOTS of Kleenex. Ugh.

I’m hopeful that I can fight this bad boy off. I have had a pretty good track record with getting over colds quickly of late.

I credit that to my chiropractor and a nervous system that can communicate well with the brain, thus healing faster. Thank you, Dr. McIver!

While I’m recuperating this week, how’s about you check out some lovely giveaways? Let me know if you win one, won’t you?