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Good Monday, Heroes! I type to you right now with all sorts of interesting black splotches on my hands. Splotches that will, most likely, stay on my hands for a week or more. It’s a longish story.

See, my brother-in-law came to visit from Florida. He flew into the city closest to us, so Hubby went and picked him up. Their parents drove down to our house and they’re taking my brother-in-law back to their house for a visit. My mother-in-law isn’t one to let a moment go by without doing a project. She wanted the guys to work on finishing the bedroom we’ve been working on, but Hubby had a brainstorm and decided to ask brother for help fixing up some rust on the car we got for the boys.

Betcha don’t know how I got the splotches yet.

In order to treat the rust on the car, I suggested sanding and then painting with a super duper paint product we’d used in the past to paint the trailer. This stuff is amazing! You can put it right on rust and it’ll stop the rust cold. Best thing I’ve ever seen. I have been wanting to take apart the lawnmower and paint the underside of the mower deck for a couple of years now. Since we were already using the paint, and since once you open the can you better find a use for it because it goes bad rather quickly, today was paint the mower day.

The guys helped me get the deck off, and we got the blades off as well. Then it was a LOT of scraping to get the grass out of there. Then sanding and brushing with a wire brush. It was a big job! 3 boys helped me too, which was great.

Now I bet you know where the splotches came from. Yep! The super duper paint. Which I expect will stay on my hands all week. It took well over seven days for the stuff to wear off last time. I should have worn gloves.

Oh well.

Now that you know my exciting splotchy hand story, how about enjoying this week’s giveaway linky? Okay? Okay.