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Involving teens in the household chores is always a challenge, because after all, nobody feels enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning. The role of parents is to encourage children to be more organized and disciplined and to take part in the cleaning of the house on a regular basis.

It is true that you may find it difficult to inspire teens, as they are usually busy with other more pleasant activities. However, it is also true that there are effective ways in which children could be encouraged to deal with house cleaning.

In this article, you will become acquainted with the best ways in which to involve the teens in cleaning tasks. As long as you are motivated and patient, you will find success; but do not forget that teens often tend to be very stubborn, so you will need more than a conversation to convince them.

Here are some effective approaches suggested from TenancyCleaning Mill Hill:

Be a Role Model
Being a role model is very important when it comes to cleaning. After all, you cannot expect teens to pay attention to the household chores when their parents don’t act in the same way. Children will immediately observe if you break the rules and do not apply your own effort to cleaning. They need to feel that they are part of the team, otherwise they won’t feel motivated to help on a regular basis.

Make A Schedule
Making a schedule with your cleaning tasks for the week will help make the teens more organized. Explain to them that everyone should complete their tasks, as written on the list, without complaining all the time. Help the children realize that they need to be organized and not to leave a mess behind them. It is essential for them to understand that they should be consistent in their duties and that they need to find free time to manage the cleaning.

Let The Teens Do The Cleaning In Their Own Way
Being stern does not mean to criticize the children all the time. Even when you do not like the cleaning approach that they have chosen, leave them to do it in their own way. Teens need to feel confident and to know that they are able to manage the tasks, no matter what type. In case you want to give them a helping hand, you simply need to explain to them how they would become more effective in their work. Appreciate their efforts and do not forget to praise them when they demonstrate willingness to do the household chores.

Make A Competition
One of the easiest ways to involve the teens in the household chores is to make a competition and to set rules that need to be followed. When you introduce cleaning as a game, you will easily inspire the children to undertake tasks and to implement them in a perfect way.

These are some effective ways in which to get the teens to help you with the chores. Of course, you need to be prepared that it won’t be easy at the beginning. However, if you are motivated enough, you will eventually succeed in involving them in the basic cleaning duties. Be a good example and remember that when you have a strong bond with your children, you will always find a way in which to communicate with them and to explain the importance of cleaning. Stay positive and discuss every issue that concerns the chores with the teens – may be they will also be able to give a valuable advice.

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