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Heroes, I’ve been working away on a massive ToDo list all summer. To be honest, there were days (okay, weeks) when I despaired of ever finishing.

I’m still not finished, but do seem to have gotten into a position of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. Today I made great progress on a website AND solved a huge paint problem that has been plaguing me for months. We added a closet to a room that was painted 12 years ago. I was operating on the premise that I have leftover paint and could blend things in to match.

This was not so easy.

I didn’t have the paint, and trying to match a 12 year old color? Not so easy. I finally agreed to let Hubby cut a piece out of the wall so I could take it to the store and get the right color. This, after painting the whole closet the wrong color yesterday.

Anyways, I got the right color and got one coat of paint on it. We have a match! Now of course I can see where additional spackling needs to happen, but at least I have the right color. And there is hope that this particular project can be finished this week.

Say a prayer for me, wouldja?

While I’m painting and todo-ing, how about you check out the lovely linky below? Enter a few. Win something! Good luck.