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Heroes, it’s a good day don’t you think?

Hubby and I were able to take the boys out to eat at a local restaurant tonight. They ordered BLT sandwiches. Well, actually it was a BBLT. They double the bacon in that one. When the waitress delivered them, one of the boys commented how much he loves bacon and she said that there were 8 slices on each sandwich.

8 slices of bacon.

The mind boggles.

I mentioned to him that we certainly lead a blessed life, being able to eat such a grand sandwich in a warm restaurant. So many people are cold and hungry right now, and here we are eating freely. And we’re able to pay for the meal.

It’s downright amazing really. I’m grateful.

I hope that we can somehow teach our boys to be grateful as well, and to want to help more people be blessed. That’s my prayer.

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