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Soooooo, I think I missed 2 weeks of the linky. In a row.

I’m so sorry!

I’ve been just drowning in work lately, especially paperwork. I hate paper. It’s such a lot of work to manage.

And I will admit, I’ve really let things stack up lately. So now I have a pile that is about 2 feet deep that needs my attention.


Well, it’s not 2 feet deep anymore. I’ve already made some progress.

I GOTTA figure out how to kill off some of the junk mail. And my newest goal in life is to go paperless with billing so that I don’t have to deal with the paper. But I have to figure out how to make sure I keep up with things first.

It’s a process.

So while I am wading through paper hell, YOU can enjoy the lovely giveaway below. It might be shorter this week, since folks may have lost a little faith in me. But hang in there! They’ll come back.