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Heroes, I suppose you have been through a renovation before in your home. We’ve done a few projects over the years but most of them were new things…not actual renovation.

This weekend, we started a new project. An actual renovation. We are tearing out one of the bathrooms to redo it. Because the boys have taken loooooooong showers over the years, the drywall in there has actually gotten moldy. It’s not a surface issue. It’s deeper, and no matter how many times we’ve treated it (with special mold killing spray, designed for such a purpose), the mold returns.

So. Ripping out drywall it is. And we’ll replace the vinyl tile on the floor with ceramic. And tile the walls. All the way up to the ceiling. We’ll put in a more powerful fan, and use mold-resistant drywall on the ceiling.

Oy. The project, it is huge.

I am happy to report that every boy has been helpful after I insisted, and they had a great time with the destruction part of the job.

The ceiling is still there, and I know that the builder glued it up there. Ugh. We worked like crazy yesterday and again today, and I’m hoping to make lots of progress tomorrow.

Then there is the floor. It’s DEFINITELY glued down. I have a heat gun and am hoping to melt the glue enough to get everything up.

Wish me luck.

So. While we’re in renovation hell, please check out the giveaways below. And win something, will you? I love it when my readers win.

Good luck.