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I don’t know if I mentioned here last week that we’re renovating a bathroom here at Earnest Parenting.

And by “renovating” I mean: removing all fixtures, every scrap of drywall and flooring, and starting from scratch.

The demo part of the job started out like gangbusters. We were making great progress. The boys really enjoyed banging away at the walls and pulling down pieces of drywall. Then we got to the ceiling, which is glued. And the corners. Also glued.

Drywall that has been glued is…difficult to remove.

Hubby was the biggest champ all week, and worked on it nearly every evening after work. We decided to take Saturday as a rest day. This may have been a tactical error, but oh did it feel good. Then yesterday, back to work!

After realizing that there is no way the two of us would manage to do all that work on our own, we enlisted boys to take turns helping. It’s actually a very small room, and 2 people can work in there comfortably. 3 is difficult depending on where everyone stands. More than that is really impossible. So turns was good.

But progress slowed to a crawl. I spent the better part of an hour chopping out a piece that ran floor to ceiling and was about an inch wide.

And today…aching muscles for me. I asked Hubby how he was doing and he said fine, mainly because he’d already been working like this for a week.

I’ll just go take some aspirin and lick my wounds in silence, I’m thinking.

So. While I’m over here recovering, how about you take a look at the linky and win some prizes?