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Happy Mother’s Day, moms. I know I normally address readers as Heroes, (because if you’re a parent, you are one), but this wish is addressed specifically to moms. Don’t worry dads, I plan to address you next month.

So! Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you have a wonderful one. I already got to sleep in and my morning coffee was brewed and delivered. Upcoming highlights of the day should include replacing 2 bathroom fans, installing some drywall on the ceiling, maaaaaaybe even getting some electrical work done, and hopefully getting phase one of the floor tiling done.

Yep. It’s Mother’s Day and I’m working.

I like it though, especially the part where we finish things. DONE is my favorite word. We tore out one of the bathrooms 4 weeks ago now, and it’s getting a bit tight around here. I miss that bathroom. I REALLY miss where the boys used that bathroom almost exclusively. But it had to be done. There was mold and I couldn’t get rid of it. We were all concerned it would spread, so everything came out. And I mean everything. We tore out the drywall down to the studs.

I thought demo would take a week, possibly 2. But we’re just about finished now at 4. Turns out that when you drywall a ceiling, it’s proper to glue the stuff. Arg. Do you know how hard it is to chip that out??

Not fun. Not fun at all!

But it’s out, and we’re in the part of the job where we clean up mess and start new construction. This means that all of the materials that are sitting in the living room, dining room, and garage will get installed and we won’t have to trip over them anymore. And the toilet tank that is sitting in my living room can go back home where it belongs.

So that’s what we’re doing here to celebrate the day. Working on done. How about you??