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Good Monday, Heroes! I’m pleased to report that we survived graduation season. The boys had their open house yesterday. If you live in a region that does not have open houses, I will explain. Basically it’s a party for the graduate. The parents clean and prepare and invest in far too much food and then people come and give the graduate gifts. It’s a nice way to finish out high school and touch base with the people who have been instrumental in your child’s life.

But oh, it’s so exhausting.

I was so wiped out that after 3 hours of party I had to go lay down and slept through the last hour. Whoops. Fortunately all of the adults had gone by that point, and the kids didn’t really care if I was social or not. So that’s good.

And now I have a super clean house!

There are still many projects to finish. We’ve been renovating a bathroom and it has (of course) taken far longer than we had hoped. But we were able to host friends without that room being in service and all was well. The plan is to finish it up in the next week or two, and then move on to the next project. There’s rather a long list. Oy.

So! While I’m heading to bed to get some much-needed sleep you can peruse the nice list of giveaways and enter some. Please win!