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So. A certain boy has apparently decided to be the death of me.

As a member of the soccer team, he was provided with blue shorts and socks, a blue jersey, and a white jersey. The blue jersey was worn one Sunday evening to conduct a soccer team fundraiser. By Wednesday morning when he needed to wear it to school, it was missing.

Heroes, we spent from Wednesday until the following Saturday looking for that shirt. We looked everywhere. My first suggestion was for him to check his backpacks. In addition to the school backpack his parents purchased, he was given a soccer backpack. It’s very cool looking, sitting in our entry way. Untouched.

Anyhow, no to the backpacks. And no to the bedroom, under the bed, between the sheets, in the closet, in various laundry hampers, in every other room of the house, all of the cars, and so on. The searching, it went on for what felt like forever.

Then my lovely mother-in-law arrived, and another 3 hours of intensive searching began. I was more than a little bit unhappy that every nook and cranny of our existence was checked. Goodbye personal privacy.

On a whim, after even my intrepid mother-in-law was running out of options, I looked in the backpacks.

Et voila. There it was in all of its blue glory. The jersey.

In. The. Backpack.

Are you kidding me?????

Fast forward to this morning, when I announced that blue jerseys would be required immediately after school for team pictures. Guess who didn’t know where his blue jersey is?


They had to hurry off to school, so the task of looking fell to me. And I searched. A lot. Couldn’t find it.


I finally decided that I was going to wash the other jersey and socks no matter, and deal with whatever happened as the day progressed.

And there it was. In the washer.

Are you kidding me again???!?

But at least it’s located.

This kid has GOT to develop some better clothing storage habits.