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Sooooo, I got up early this morning, as is my practice these days.  (I have to tutor kids earrrrrrrly every morning).  And as usual, the light above the stove was on.


I have TOLD the boys over and over and OVER that I want all lights turned off every night.  I don’t see the wisdom of paying for the electricity that no one uses.  I hate waste.  You name it, I’ve come up with a variation of “Turn off the @#$% light!” to no avail.

Today, there was a bonus.  (And yes, I’m being extremely sarcastic here).


Are you kidding me?????!?

Yea.  From about 7:30 last night when a boy was cooking eggs (ahem, and I KNOW who you are!) until just before 5:00 am, the stove burner was on.  OH! And for bonus points, there was a lighter sitting right by the stove.  No, it wasn’t on the burner, and no it didn’t catch fire.

This time.

I cannot tell you how often I find fabric and other flammable items lying on the stove.  And now, the stove was ON.

There will be discussions.


Sigh.  I just want them to be more careful.  Deliberate, even.  Is that really too much to ask?